What Happens In My Office

Capturing a short moment of me in my office, doing what I love to do (Naturopathic Medicine). Let me share a bit with you about what happens here.

It’s mainly women who are drawn to my practice, and they’re usually coming in with some combination of the following:

weight to lose

-no energy

-irritability and/or sadness

-difficulty sleeping (with or without hot flashes)

-irregular and/or heavy periods 


-some kind of digestive disturbance: bloating/loose stools/constipation

I absolutely love what I do, because I get to help these women transform their health (and lives). This selfishly brings me a deep sense of purpose & joy. 

My patients love it too. Some of the most common things that I hear women say after working with me for a little while is:

-“I wish I had come to see you sooner. Years sooner.”

-“Women need to talk about all the stuff that we talk about here, because then they’d realize that they aren’t alone & there’s help for what we’re all going through.”

-“I’m down 10lbs this month!”

-“I’ve never had so much energy, I’m sleeping so much better and I’m not irritable with my family & coworkers anymore”

-“I never would’ve made the connection between X and how I was feeling without you”

And, my favourite:

-“I feel like MYSELF again. I feel like I’m WAKING UP”

I love helping women because I get to watch people transform into their best selves – body, mind & spirit. The best part about that is then watching them have the clarity & energy to go out into the world and do whatever they’re here to do. Make whatever life changes they need to make. This positive energy that we generate is paid forward. 

It’s a full reset for these women; an awakening that happens. It gives me a tingly feeling inside. That’s captured in this photo.

And that’s a little bit about what goes on in my office.

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