Beautiful Elecampane

If you’re like me, being in the presence of elecampane (Inula helenium) helps you to feel radiant and lifts your spirit. Many people report feeling this way when these flowers are around. This is one reason why Elecampane has been studied for use with depression. It’s been shown to lift moods and reduce feelings of … More Beautiful Elecampane

Nutrient Depletions Caused By the Pill

In my experience, 95% of all prescription drugs, including hormonal contraceptives (oral contraceptives/the pill, patches, IUDs, injections, etc.) cause nutrient deficiencies in the body. This is because of the additional actions that the drug has on the body in addition to the intended action of preventing pregnancy – it may block the absorption, and/or use more of these nutrients for its detoxification/breakdown… … More Nutrient Depletions Caused By the Pill