New Year New You?

Did you make any health resolutions this New Year?

Health resolutions are the number one type of resolution that people make. And, the number one health resolution people make is to lose weight.

I treat weight loss a lot in my practice. Like, a lot.

Most of my patients have tried really hard to lose weight for many years. Sometimes, they’re successful, but the weight keeps coming back.

This happens for three key reasons:

  • Eating the wrong foods, even though they’re “healthy”. Maybe you’re the person who kills themselves eating right, but isn’t losing weight or keeping it off. It’s discouraging. Even though your diet would be considered healthy, it isn’t personalized to you. When I treat weight loss, I test food sensitivities, then build a weight loss diet based on that. You can’t lose weight if your diet is causing inflammation in your body, which food sensitivities will do. If you haven’t had your food sensitivities tested, consider it. Check out on my post on food sensitivities for more info
  • Hormones are out of balance. Last time you lost weight, did anyone evaluate your hormones? A comprehensive thyroid and adrenal evaluation is key – cortisol will affect your blood sugar, and tell your body to store when you don’t want it to, if it’s out of balance. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can come into play too. Check out another post here on hormone balancing
  • Nutrient deficiencies. Do you know your B12 levels? Vitamin D levels? These will affect your weight loss efforts too, and will affect your energy and motivation to keep going

Notice that none of these reasons were not trying hard enough, not beating yourself up enough, not exercising enough, and not spending enough money!

Wouldn’t it be great if this was the last time that you made “losing weight” one of your new years’ resolutions?

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