One Easy Way To Help Your Body Detoxify


One easy way that we can help our bodies detoxify better is… to keep our Glutathione levels high.

If you don’t know what glutathione (GSH) is, you’re probably not alone. But GSH is singularly the most important antioxidant produced by the body. It protects cells and DNA from oxidative stress, binds heavy metals, removes toxins, and enhances immune function, particularly against viruses. It’s essential for cellular energy production, and may well be the secret to prevent aging, dementia, cancer and heart disease.

Many people know the chef’s trick of sprinkling a little lemon juice over fruit to keep it from turning brown. Antioxidants are like that lemon juice. By consistently “sprinkling” your body with antioxidants like glutathione, you can prevent your body from “browning” or “oxidizing” which causes damage and aging of cells. Antioxidants are the “anti-agers” of the nutrient world, working to protect your body from damage.

There are more than 89,000 medical articles describing the epidemic of deficiency within our population of this critical molecule. When the body is overwhelmed by toxins (think drugs, pesticides, pollution, infections, poorly filtered water, food sensitivities, stress, poor sleep, excess hormone production…), GSH becomes chronically depleted and much less protection exists against free radicals and diseases. Magnesium, vitamin B2 and selenium are all essential to its production, so any deficiencies here (quite common) can result in reduced glutathione production.

So many conditions can be helped with additional GSH, including heart conditions, brain diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s), skin stuff (from psoriasis to regular aging of the skin like spots and wrinkles), immune health, and low energy states. Swipe right to see the main conditions that GSH is used to treat.

When I recommend glutathione to a patient, I use a liposomal form that is absorbed directly in the mouth, instead of being absorbed by the GI, where most of it will be lost. Another good way to deliver glutathione is via IV.

So remember, GSH is our body’s master antioxidant, and possesses many life-changing health benefits. Check out my other two latest blog posts here and here for more on healthy ways to detox.

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  1. should I be taking this now that my cleanse is coming to an end?  although I will continue to practice better habits, including diet and alcohol.  going back to coffee though, not going to lie.

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