Naturopathic Doctors & Telepractice: We’re Here To Help


How can a Naturopathic Doctor help you and your family during this crisis, without you having to leave your home?

NDs are regulated, registered health care professionals in the province of Ontario. We go to medical college after university, very similar to GPs, but our treatments include things like herbs, vitamins, healthy eating, acupuncture, and energetic ways of healing. We do a lot of basic health stuff (think breast exams, PAPs, blood work), but we’re less about prescribing drugs and more about treating the cause of disease naturally. 

NDs do a lot of work with patients who have poor immunity. These are the people who catch colds constantly, get the flu every year (sometimes twice!), and/or their cold/flu drags on for weeks & months. Check out my tips for this here and here.

During this time, telepractice visits may be just the thing that you need. Chat with me securely from the comfort of your own home via web consult. So simple. And any remedies that you need can easily be shipped to your door within a couple of business days. 

We work to boost the immune system in natural ways & to help prevent disease before it starts. We do this with high quality vitamins (A, D, and C are big ones), minerals (like zinc and selenium), and herbs (Oregano is a very strong anti-viral herb. There are so many more). But dosage, form, efficacy, quality, and safety are all things that come into play here – you shouldn’t take this on alone. 

We teach people and families how to eat for optimal well-being (did you know sugar is an immunosuppressant?), help people sleep better, and help patients to better cope with stress (a big immune decreaser).

We’re part of a private health care system, so we aren’t covered by OHIP. Many people have coverage for our services under their private insurance plans (got coverage? Use it!). 

In a nutshell, health is our passion. We’re wellness experts. We’re prevention professionals. I absolutely live and breathe current, factual, research-based health information. But I also use ancient healing methods that have been around for centuries. It’s the best of both worlds. 

I can’t wait to help you. Available to all residents of Ontario, and anyone in North America where NDs aren’t regulated. Email me for more info and to book, or use the link below:


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