Infrared Heat – What’s The Difference?

Excited to announce the addition of infrared heat lamp to my practice! This is a great way for me to add extra health benefits to acupuncture sessions as well as cosmetic facials. I’m always looking for ways to add new healing modalities for my lovely patients.

8 Benefits of infrared heat:

-Detoxifying (7x greater than simple heat, especially good for removing heavy metals like mercury)

-Increases flexibility (3x more flexible after a session)

-Pain relief & relaxation (heat doesn’t have to be as high as simple heat, so more comfortable)

-Promotes healthy weight loss (4% body fat reduction after 8 weeks, 150 mins per week)

-Faster collagen regeneration (helpful for anti-aging and wound healing)

-Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels

-Decreased inflammation, making joints less stiff and sore. Especially great for lower back pain

-Improved blood & oxygen circulation

Plus, it feels great.

Why is infrared heat so much better than simple heat?

Infrared heat, whether that be from a lamp or a sauna, penetrates deep into the body’s tissues. Simple heat doesn’t penetrate the fatty layers of the skin as infrared does. But infrared heat reaches the internal organs, helping them detoxify, and leaving you refreshed, cleansed & energized.

Instead of a superficial sweat, the infrared sweat is from deep inside the body, more like the sweat one generates during a fever rather than sweat from exercise, the sun, or a regular sauna.

I love infrared so much that I recently had an infrared sauna installed in my home – I wish I could offer this at Health In Balance to patients, but we’re limited space-wise. So, the addition of a lamp was the most feasible way for me to incorporate this additional healing modality into my treatments. Patients: if you’re interested in infrared sauna treatments, send me a message or email and I’ll make some local recommendations. Otherwise I look forward to using my new infrared lamp with everyone local to Cambridge.

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