Bowel Cleansing Essentials

“The bowel must be considered first in the disease reversal process, according to Hering’s Law of Cure… Cleansing and purifying the body must start with the lower bowel” – Dr. Bernard Jensen

Of the five main organs of elimination, the large intestine (aka lower bowel, colon, etc.) is probably the most abused & neglected. Poor dietary choices, environmental contaminants and insufficient digestion all contribute to an excess of undigested food particles and toxins in the bowel, leading to putrefaction, gas and bloating that promote the growth of harmful microorganisms in the gut. Over time, the bowel turns sluggish and cant carry out its main functions – moving poop out of the body.

Optimal transit time (how long food should be in your body before exiting via poop) is around 18 hours. For the average person, this is now between 2-4 days. Ask me if you’re interested in testing your bowel transit time. Us NDs can be considered the main authority on all things poop, and we aren’t afraid to talk about it (you don’t have to be either!).

Normal bowel function is required for the health of the entire body and for the prevention of disease. Abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are obvious signs of intestinal toxicity. Foggy thinking, chronic fatigue, arthritis, circulatory problems and skin disorders are also a result of damage and dysfunction due to internal toxicity, at least in part.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe this describes your experience with your poop.

Colon clear is a powerful bowel cleanser. Although it has some mild herbal laxative action, this is not the main reason to use it. We should never need or use laxatives on a regular basis to poop. It’s a sign that your body isn’t working right if you need to take anything to poop (or if you don’t poop every day). Laxatives (milk of magnesia, vitamin C, senna, etc.) are also highly abrasive to the colon.

Colon clear helps restore regular function to the bowel; tonifying and optimizing elimination. Botanicals traditionally used in Chinese, Indigenous and Ayurvedic healing are combined in this formula to not only help the colon, but nourish the liver as well, which may be the root cause of a person’s health & gut issues.

I recommend colon clear to my patients who are constipated, first and foremost. When I’m doing a series of colonics (colon hydrotherapy), I usually recommend it then as well – it just helps everything clear out so much faster. Other times that I use it are for people with chronic loose stools or diarrhea, for people who have been diagnosed with any gut infection (its wonderful to clear out food poisoning, for example, and/or candida), and for heavy metal detox. 

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