7 Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy, or “colonics” for short, is a super gentle yet effective way to give your colon, aka the large intestine and the last stop on the digestive train, a bit of a boost. There’s much more going on in your colon than you may realize, and it has more jobs than you might think. You definitely need it to be functioning in ship shape for optimal health, and one way to get it up to snuff is by giving it a little hydrotherapy. A colonic is a great way to clean everything out.

 #1 – Allows More Waste To Be Excreted From Your Body, Not Reabsorbed.

One of your colon’s main functions is to carry waste (via your poop) out of your body. Most of us know this. But what many people don’t know is that it’s your colon’s job to reabsorb a lot of your body’s water through its walls. It also re-absorbs some essential vitamins and minerals. If there is a lot of waste that is stuck to those walls, the waste gets reabsorbed too, and this goes back into your body’s system as a toxin. Your body must process it all over again, when it should really be going out your back door.

#2 – Enhanced Hydration and Nutrition Status

Building on benefit number one, if there is less waste stuck to the walls of your colon, it is better able to re-absorb the water and minerals that it needs to. Even if you’re eating a very healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals, if things can’t be absorbed properly by your gut, you will not reap the advantages of all that wonderfully nutritious stuff you’re eating (and spending your hard earned cash on).

#3 – Bowel Regularity and Constipation Prevention

Nobody, I repeat nobody, likes to be constipated. By hydrating the colon with hydrotherapy, bowel movements are less dry and easier to pass, resulting is less bloating and general feelings of unpleasantness.

#4 – Weight Loss

Yes, having a colonic can relate directly to weight loss. There can be so much junk stuck to the inside of your colon that it adds extra weight to the body. You can literally (gently) scrub away several pounds of accumulated toxins out of your colon that would otherwise stay inside you for years or even decades. Colonics, as all forms of hydrotherapy do, will boost your metabolism, helping you to lose weight and keep it off long term. They can be an excellent kick start to your weight loss goals.

 #5 – Improves Energy and Mood

Carrying around extra toxins in your body leads to decreased feelings of energy and concentration, causing you to feel unfocused and tired. Your body has to spend its energy on continually processing waste out of your system that otherwise would have been pooped out, and struggling to push food through your digestive tract, instead of on other things like thinking and concentrating. It has to do this at all hours of the day, including when you are asleep, taking away from the restorative functions of the body that should be happening at that time. You may find that you are sleeping better while undergoing colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

#6 – Decreased Risk of Colon Cancer

One of the major risk factors for developing colon cancer is a low fiber diet. This is because fiber typically decreases bowel transit time, meaning that fecal matter stays around in your body longer than it should. Bowel transit time should be 24 hours maximum – 24 hours after you have eaten something, it should be processed out of your body. Colon hydrotherapy, like eating fiber, can increase bowel transit time and therefore cut the risk of cancer significantly. Many people suffer from transit times of 48 hours or more, which is far more than is ideal.

#7 – Detoxification and Clearer Skin

Your colon, in addition to your liver and kidneys, is responsible for processing every toxin that you come into contact with. This includes the pollution in the air you breathe, the chemicals in the water you drink, the pesticides and hormones in and on your food, the toxic effects of stress on your body, every product that you apply to your skin, and everything else that you come into contact with. Even the healthiest people are challenged in this way and can struggle with eliminating everything that they need to. When your colon isn’t processing waste the way it should, your other detox organs have to pick up the slack. The body will begin to rely more heavily on the skin for detoxification than it should, resulting in blemishes and acne as waste is excreted this way instead of via the colon. Colon hydrotherapy takes the pressure off the other organs by restoring the function of the colon to what it should be.

Colon hydrotherapy is an awesome treatment to add to your life. Contact me to start experiencing these amazing benefits today.


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