Face Reading in Medicine

Your Face Says More About Your Health Thank You Probably Think

Face reading is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. It arose from the Taoist desire to extend the human life span and achieve immortality

The face contains many clues about health, including genetic predispositions. One of its greatest advantages is the immediacy of the signs that show minor health problems, making is a useful tool for preventative medicine

When I look at the faces of my patients, I get clues about what they’ve been through in the past and are dealing with now. Many also believe the face can predict a person’s future, like palm reading

For example, tiny vertical lines between the eyebrows across the bridge of the nose often indicate difficulties with regulating glucose – these could range from minor blood sugar imbalances to full blown diabetes. When most people think of blood sugar regulation, they think of the pancreas, but the liver plays an arguably bigger role because it controls blood sugar in the fasting state (hence these lines appear in the liver zone). I see these lines often

Another example is dark circles or bags under the eyes – often this has to do with water regulation issues (kidney), but can also be related to toxins (kidney and liver)

Bowel issues like constipation can usually be seen in and around the nasolabial folds, and heart issues will often affect the tip of the nose (as well as the tip of the tongue)

Any deviation from normal skin can be seen as a sign of imbalance – an area might have a very large wrinkle, discolouration, lack elasticity, etc. And of course, the location of one’s acne is very telling as to the cause – hormonal, dietary, etc.

There are also ways to determine aspects of a person’s personality – for example those with big foreheads are usually big thinkers with active imaginations, people with large upper lips are very giving, those with slanted eyebrows tend to be pessimistic, and so on

In Naturopathic Medicine we use all the information the body gives us in order to restore health. Face reading is one way to listen to the body, as is looking at the tongue, feeling the pulses, and looking for any other clues the body is giving us

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