Health Problems & Solutions

Now is the time to start taking better care of yourself if you have a Health Problem

Health problems take many forms. Examples include being overweight, experiencing depression or anxiety, having high cholesterol or blood pressure, having an addiction (food/cigarettes/alcohol/cannabis etc), autoimmune diseases, a cancer diagnosis, etc.

There are consequences to not eating right, not exercising, not sleeping, too much stress, and to ignoring your health problems. Usually, it’s a long road to these consequences, with many opportunities to make changes along the way.

Are you on a road to worsening health problems, or to solving them?

Nobody gets out of this world alive, but there are things you can do to stay as healthy as possible while you’re here. If others are depending on you, it’s even more critical to make sure you’re here for them. Health Problems can shave years off your life and/or drastically reduce your quality of life while you’re here.

It’s important not to have a victim’s attitude – it’s too easy to say “how did this happen to me” or “poor me, I’ll always be this way”. This attitude will definitely not help your health.

Let your health problem be something that helps you grow and change for the better. Take this post as a wake up call to get your health act together. Consider starting in one small area first, and by taking one small step in the right direction immediately. This might be exercise, nutrition, or reaching out to a professional who can help you achieve your health goals.

My approach to any health problem is to have a good look at the whole person – a whole body analysis, even if the health problem is very specific. My perspective is that everything in the body is connected, and I treat the body as such. My treatment plans are usually a combination of simple lifestyle changes, better nutrition, stress support, herbs, and energy medicine like acupuncture. I find this approach to be very effective at solving health problems.

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