I Wish I Met You Sooner

You and me both.

I hear this a lot from my patients.

And I wish I had met them sooner too.

Many people don’t realize how easy it can be to fix health issues & troublesome symptoms. Even things that they have tried for years to treat with other professionals or on their own.

I want to share eight super common scenarios that I see on the regular. These all have pretty easy fixes, but patients have not received proper treatment, or answers, for years (sometimes decades):

Hypothyroid, on medication and told blood levels are perfect, but still have all the symptoms (fatigue, weight, cold intolerance, etc)

-Gallbladder removed because they were told there’s no cure for stones, or that they’re having mysterious gut symptoms so the GB has to come out. Digestion & energy terrible ever since

-Struggling to lose weight, or maintain it, period.

-Uterus removed and/or ablation because of heavy periods (periods may have stopped, but other symptoms of hormonal dysregulation remain, because we didn’t treat the cause)

Hot flashes treated with anti-depressants and/or birth control (this is simply crazy to me) 

-Repeated UTIs treated with antibiotics over and over that keep coming back

-Headaches & migraines. Patient surviving on daily OTC or prescription painkillers

-Environmental allergies. Patient surviving on daily anti-histamines, which increases dementia risk, unbeknownst to them (your brain needs histamine to function)

If any of this sounds familiar, either for yourself or a loved one, please don’t wait any longer – let’s meet now.

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