Food Sensitivities And Your Child

This is one of the biggest reasons Moms bring their kids in to see me. 

The Top 5 Signs and Symptoms of Food Sensitivities in Kids:

  • Skin rashes: eczema, hives, dryness & itching
  • Breathing problems, like asthma
  • Runny nose or itchy eyes, chronic without obvious cause
  • Behavioural challenges – acting out, inability to sit still and/or pay attention, at home or at school
  • Bowel issues: constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, unexplained tummy aches

I could also add weight issues and headaches to this list.

Foods that cause kids problems can take hours or days after they’ve been eaten to cause a reaction, making them tricky to identify without Food Sensitivity Testing.

Testing is really important because this way, we get real answers. No more guessing. And, we aren’t removing any foods that we don’t need to! The test is personalized to your child. 

My patients are always surprised by what they’re sensitive to. This is because we test for “healthy” foods like fruits, veggies, meats, and gluten-free grains, in addition to the more obviously problematic foods like wheat and dairy.

The great news is that food sensitivities often aren’t permanent. By eliminating offending foods from your child’s diet for a time, their gut can heal, and the problem foods can be enjoyed again in the future without having the same bad reactions. Health can be restored, even if these are symptoms that your child has had for years.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, identifying and treating food sensitivities in little ones is a big part of what I do. I’m a Mom of two myself, so I understand firsthand how important your little one’s health is to you. I’ve seen so many children flourish once food sensitivities are removed. Big transformations can happen.

If you have extended health care benefits with your workplace, chances are your little one has coverage for some or all of my health treatments, including this simple blood test. I’m able to run this test for your child as soon as we have an initial visit, assuming it’s the right thing to do for them. And, we have the option for checking for nutrient deficiencies at the same time if we need to, such as Vitamin D, B12, iron and more.

Here’s my contact info: 

Clinic: Health In Balance – 336 Eagle St N, #209, Cambridge, ON

Phone: 519-653-2000


Click here to book an appointment for your child.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Read more about Food Sensitivities in Adults here.

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