Acupuncture – So Much More Than Putting Needles In The Skin

If you’ve ever had acupuncture, someone has definitely put needles into your skin. That’s a given. Most commonly, my patients have previously had the more “western” style of acupuncture – putting needles directly into a spot that hurts to treat a person’s pain.

This is a lovely pain treatment modality, but there is so much more to acupuncture than this.

The style of acupuncture that I love more is the Traditional Chinese Medicine style. These protocols have been used as medicine for literally thousands of years. 

TCM is all about balance – yin & yang, hot & cold, excess & deficiency. Everything in the body and in life is subject to balance. When we put needles into the body at specific, carefully chosen energetic points (along energy “meridians” – more on this to come), we can influence the body to re-balance – even treating issues that are far away from the needles themselves.

This is how it treats whatever you want to change about your health – hot flashes, painful periods, digestive issues, headaches, weight, fatigue, anxiety, pain… you name it. Because all of these conditions reflect an imbalance in the body that needs treating.

In my practice, I do an important protocol as our first acupuncture treatment. It drains what the ancient Chinese deemed “Aggressive Energy” out of the body. Better translations are “illness energy” or “negative energy”. This type of energy can block healing.

It’s super relaxing & once the needles are in I usually let my patients enjoy with lights out and calming music. I re-check for it annually as it can return. My needles are flexible, sterile and hair thin, meaning everything is super clean and you barely feel them when inserted.

Practitioners, this is an important protocol to do before doing points based on an individual’s imbalances – we need to remove this energy from the body before we go moving energy around, potentially spreading bad energy to organs that are working well.

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