A 3000 Year Old Herb for Chronic Infections, Metabolic Syndrome & More

Berberis Vulgaris is an herb you’ll want to get to know. Also known as Mountain Grape, Barberry or Holy Thorn, its history in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine dates back 3000 years.

Berberis is highly valued for its strong antimicrobial, mild anti-inflammatory, and digestive tonifying actions. Recently, it’s been shown to have high activity against almost every type of infection, including those where drugs fail – parasites, bacteria (e. coli, chlamydia, chronic UTIs/MRSA), candida, v1ruses likes herpes, etc. 

With its liver and intestine cleansing properties, it’s a key therapy in auto-immune conditions like Crohn’s, especially in cases where steroid drugs have never worked or have stopped working. It will also relieve an upset stomach and stimulate sluggish digestion.

Metabolic Syndrome is another condition where Berberis shines. It’s estimated that 20% of Canadians suffer with this medical condition. If you have 3 out of 5 of the following symptoms, you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome:

-extra fat around your tummy (more than 88cm for women, 102cm for men)

-HDL, your good cholesterol, is low (less than 1.3 mmol/L)

-high triglycerides (above 1.7 mmol/L)

-high blood pressure (either number is above 130/85 mm Hg)

-high fasting blood sugar (above 6.1 mmol/L)

And, if you’re on a drug for any of the above, you still meet the criteria.

Metabolic syndrome raises your risk SIGNIFICANTLY for heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, liver problems, and full blown Diabetes. Berberis has well documented lipid lowering ability, and anti-diabetic effects. 

Berberis is used extensively in spirit medicine too. Known for its protective properties, its often hung over the front door to protect the home and its occupants. Some carry a few leaves in a sachet with them in order to attract money, love, and positivity.

Working with plant medicine is a big part of what I do, and Berberis is an herb that I use commonly in practice. If you’re experiencing any of the above listed conditions, come see me. Herbal medicine is best undertaken with a guide – using the herbs safely & effectively can be a challenging task & there’s no need to go at it alone. Book your initial visit here.

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