Acupuncture Point “LI4” For Allergies

Known as The Great Eliminator, Large Intestine 4, and the Command Point of the Head & Neck, needling with acupuncture or massaging this spot is helpful for relieving pain, headaches, regulating elimination, & clearing out symptoms in the head and the intestines

Allergies fall under this umbrella, as symptoms often include runny nose, itchy watery eyes, fluid in the ears, & sinus congestion

Additionally, it’s also a great aid in gut detoxification (constipation, diarrhea or food poisoning). Toothache, colds & flus, asthma, child labour & menstrual cramps are helped by this point too

Energetically, this point helps us let go of all that no longer serves us, with ease. This creates space for us to receive only what will give us nourishment. It’s helpful during times of grief, for feelings of being under-valued for our contributions, & to help us pass less judgement on ourselves + others

You can find LI4 by locating the fleshy depression just beyond the meeting point where our thumb and first finger bones meet, in a “V” shape. This point is usually a little achy (especially when it needs some love!), which can help us know when we’ve found just the right spot. Once you find it you can massage with gentle-moderate pressure in small circular motion for several minutes. Acupressure usually works pretty quickly, so you should feel some relief within the first few minutes. You’ll need to repeat this massage throughout the day if the symptoms return

This point has an effect on the lungs – it will work especially well if pressure is applied during deep inhalations & exhalations

Side note: when looking at root causes of allergy symptoms, food sensitivity testing is incredibly valuable. I have many patients who after testing & treating food sensitivities have seen a complete resolution in their seasonal allergy symptoms. This includes people who have been suffering for many years, and who have historically had to rely upon anti-histamines daily to function (anti-histamines are one of my least fave medications, as long-term they significantly increase the risk for dementias)

Keep this point in mind for the next time you’re suffering from seasonal allergies

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