What Is Herbal Medicine? And What Does It Have To Do With Me?


I’m so glad you asked!

Also known as botanical medicine or phytomedicine, herbal medicine refers to using plants for various medical purposes – a.k.a. to get you looking and feeling better. Herbalism has a long history and tradition of use outside conventional medicine, and is the most widely used form of medicine around the world today. Herbs work by helping to re-train the body to find its balance again.

Used correctly, it can be used to treat almost any condition, including non-serious conditions like common colds, to more serious conditions like autoimmune disease and depression. Most people report an increased sense of wellness when they are taking herbs (it’s true!), because herbs have annergetic quality to them in addition to awesome medicinal qualities.

So, what does this mean for you?

First, trying to treat yourself naturally with herbs isn’t something you should have to take on by yourself. Herbal medicine isn’t straightforward – there are many aspects to be considered, like dosing, sourcing, and form of delivery, which will have a massive impact on your results. It’s absolutely essential that you work with someone with extensive training in herbal medicine that can provide you with sage advice (ha, ha…).

Here’s a tip: the herbs also need to be just right for you. Herbs typically work best when the whole plant is used, and when combinations of herbs are used. With hundreds of herbs to choose from, this is no small feat.

Naturopathic Doctors are considered experts in herbal medicine and are able to recommend the best combinations of herbs specifically for you in order to treat your symptoms (so that you feel better), and at the same time treat whatever is causing your condition (so that it goes away for good). Herbal medicine is just one of the many amazing tools that NDs use to truly heal people.

And don’t worry – a Naturopathic Doctor will also take into account anything that you might also be taking (medications for example) in order to ensure your safety and minimize your tiny chance of experiencing side effects.

Bottom line: If this sounds like something you would love to get into, get in touch with me – your better health with herbal medicine is just around the corner.

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