Facial Cupping as an Anti-Aging Treatment

Excited to now offer facial cupping & gua sha treatments!

These are now standard as part of my cosmetic facial acupuncture protocols.

What is facial cupping you might be wondering?

Cupping is type of physical therapy that uses suction cups & air to stimulate your skin, fascia, muscles and lymphatic system. It can be done on the face/décolletage (neck) or other parts of the body. The gentle suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration. It is a fantastic anti-aging treatment and alternative to more invasive anti-aging treatments such as botox or surgery.

Check out the 7 biggest benefits of facial cupping:

  1. Improves micro-circulation
  2. Boots collagen and elastin production
  3. Helps tighten & lift skin
  4. Opens and shrinks pores
  5. Decreases swelling
  6. Evens skin tone
  7. Promotes feelings of calm & relaxation

Problems areas most commonly improved:

-sagging face (eyes, cheeks)

-droopy eyebrows

-fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips

-larger wrinkles such as the “elevens” between the brows, chin lines, vertical face lines and horizontal forehead lines


-necklace lines


-uneven skin tone, dull complexion

It works especially well when combined with facial acupuncture and gua sha.

And, there are no marks left on the face after the treatment. This is different than body cupping, when dark circles are left in the treatment zone, as a normal side effect of treatment. If you’re interested in body cupping, I offer that as well.

If you’re interested in cupping alone and acupuncture isn’t your thing, we can always do that too. Please send me a DM to discuss or book a cupping treatment online.

New patients always need to book an initial visit, but you can leave me a comment to let me know you’re interested in cupping.

Please DM me any questions or leave me a comment! I LOVE talking about all things cupping, acupuncture and natural health. And of course the best way to learn about this is to book an appointment to try it out!

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