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Ladies, there’s an elephant in the room.

The Big Misconception: Weight’s All About Diet and Exercise

TRUTH: the traditional mantra of “eat less carbs, do more cardio” is NOT the golden ticket to weight loss during perimenopause.

Surprised? You’re not alone. The weight loss industry has long overlooked a crucial piece of the puzzle – the unique hormonal changes women undergo during peri.

Have you ever found yourself exhausted on the treadmill, wondering if all this intense cardio is actually doing your body any favours? Are you dragging yourself to the gym to hit the elliptical six days a week? Or, are you too intimidated and tired to start exercising because you THINK you have to do tons of cardio and use the last molecules of energy you DO have to lose weight? 

If you are someone with a desire to be lighter AND healthier, then I want to invite you to my brand new FREE training: Achieving Healthy Weight in Perimenopause & Beyond Masterclass


You deserve to know the truth. You deserve an approach that works with your body, not against it. And you deserve to feel empowered and confident during your 40s & 50s.

I want you to finally feel what it’s like to lose weight & keep it off for good.

On Friday November 24th, we’ll uncover:

  • The WHY of the weight
  • One EASY trick to increasing metabolism
  • The BIGGEST exercise mistake women make
  • AND see how HORMONES are at play

Once you register for Black Friday’s free masterclass, your spot will be saved (there are only 500 available).

How would you envision your ideal path to better health and weight loss, one that feels enjoyable and sustainable for you, rather than overwhelming or exhausting?

Because if you’re trying to get healthier and are struggling, you’re probably making the same mistakes as most struggling women in their 40s and 50s.

So many people bang their head against a wall for years, wondering what they are missing, never hitting the targets they want, and increasing their health risks in the meantime.

I’ll take you through the strategies that WORK.

Can’t wait!

xo, Dr. Tanya

Trusted Naturopathic Doctor since 2017

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